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The Retirement Café Podcast

Jan 29, 2019

People struggle to keep track of their pensions; 3 out of 5 people don’t know what they have. On average, a working adult in the UK may have 11 different jobs during his or her working life. A holistic view is hard to achieve, even with the help of a financial adviser – and perhaps that’s why it is estimated that £400m of pensions are unclaimed.

Henry Tapper is passionate about helping people understand the value of their pension savings. Despite a lifetime in pensions, 57-year-old Henry found it extremely difficult to combine and understand his own multiple defined contribution pensions without an extraordinary amount of trouble.

This huge inconvenience led Henry to create AgeWage – an app that enables people like him to bring together and analyse their pensions. Henry wants you to know about the money you’ve paid for retirement. This means knowing how much you’ve saved, how much your investments have grown and knowing what you’ve paid for that investment growth.

With only 6% of people getting financial advice regarding their pension, AgeWage wants to provide people with something better than they are already getting.

In our interview Henry discusses the three issues the app is looking to address by assisting, guiding and equipping you to take action. The brand-new app is looking to launch in April.

Henry is an entrepreneur who helps people make good pension decisions. He founded AgeWage and the Pension PlayPen to map the pensions genome and ensure everyone gets data driven information on value for money. Henry has previously helped First Actuarial develop their business, been head of sales at Zurich Assurance and was an IFA for 11 years.

Here’s my hugely informative interview discussion with Henry Tapper in episode 011 of The Retirement Café Podcast.