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The Retirement Café Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

Series 6 ‘The Story of their Lives’: Episode 2.

Mark spent nearly four decades working in the law. Not intentionally.

He studied law at college to give him three more years to consider what he really wanted to do. He then spent forty years planning an exit, even though exiting law is difficult in practice.

Eventually, Mark realised that thinking about retiring from the law wasn’t productive, so instead Mark thought about what he wanted to retire TO.

In his book ‘And .. just like that: Essays on Life Before, During and After the Law’ and in our conversation, Mark shares his story of deciding to move on to what he calls the next season of life. 

He explains why coaching support was so important in helping him transition successfully.

 As a coach, Registered Life Planner and trainer with the Kinder Institute myself, Mark was preaching to the converted. I’ve seen first-hand on many occasions how beneficial coaching is for people of all ages going through a major transition in life, so it was great to hear how this helped Mark.