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The Retirement Café Podcast

Dec 10, 2019

This is the third episode in our series about Changing the Perceptions of Ageing.

We are living longer than ever before but millions of us risk missing out on a good later life.

The Centre for Ageing Better is focused on bringing about lasting changes in society that make a difference to people’s experience of later life, now and in the future. This means more people in fulfilling work, in good health, living in safe, accessible homes and connected communities.

Louise Ansari is passionate about using communications to help improve lives.

With a background in leading communications and campaigns for various health and social policy organisations - such as Diabetes UK, Which? Magazine and the Food Standards Agency - Louise is well placed to lead the Centre for Ageing Better help more people live better in later life.

Louise joins me to chat about the charity's mission and how the #AgeProud campaign is challenging the outdated, ageist attitudes that prevent too many of us from making the most of our longer lives and her new book ‘When We’re 64: Your Guide to a Great Later Life’.

Listen here on episode 057 of The Retirement Café Podcast, the first in our series on 'Changing perceptions of ageing and ageing better'.