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The Retirement Café Podcast

Mar 3, 2020

Greg Davies is a globally recognised expert in behavioural finance and its impact upon our financial wellbeing. Behavioural finance is a way of understanding the decision making you go through in your day to day life, how your personality and psychology influences that, and ultimately how we use that knowledge to help you make better decisions.

He joins me to explain the smart way to match your investment risk to your investments and his three rules for investing.

We also chat about how to encourage people to engage with their personal finances, why we struggle to make decisions about our money and how a lot of our money decisions are based on what feels emotionally comfortable to us, rather than any sort of technical analysis of what the optimal decision is.

Greg – of Oxford Risk – holds a PhD from Cambridge University and is also a specialist in both the theory and practice of investment risk profiling. 

Listen here on episode 069 of The Retirement Café Podcast