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The Retirement Café Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

Our wonderful next door neighbour, Peggy, is 91 years young.

She joins me to share the experiences of her long life that have influenced how she lives today, in the second episode of our series about Longevity and Retirement.

Peggy grew up on a farm, started work before turning 15 and married young. As a fitness fan, Peggy shares how keeping moving has helped her stay fit and well. She still does her morning exercises – including the plank! – , looks after her own garden and walks everyday. Peggy was waterskiing into her 70s!

I ask Peggy about what she’s experienced during her lifetime, how she’s coping with the Coronavirus outbreak and what advice she would give to someone retiring today.

Listen here on episode 072 of The Retirement Café Podcast